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    Commission's Mission Statement:

The Naugatuck Arts Commission has been established to foster, promote, encourage and celebrate the excellence, enjoyment and vitality of the arts in the Town of Naugatuck. The Commission will sponsor and coordinate exciting, innovative, entertaining, and educational programs representative of the fine, applied, and performing arts. The Commission will promote a favorable climate to attract artists of all ages, cultures and areas of interest to the borough. Through its endeavors, the Naugatuck Arts Commission will help to broaden understanding of and the appreciation for artistic diversity, cultural awareness, and community spirit.

    What the Commission Does:

The N.A.C. works on an annual budget that is provided by the taxpayers of Naugatuck. The brunt of this budget is allocated for the town's summer music festival. The rest of the money is used to pay for educational activities for the town's youth, senior citizens andthe general populace.

The Commission is proud to announce the formation of The Naugatuck Community Theater. This new group will provide an outstanding opportunity for area residents to participate in the dramatic arts. The first show is scheduled to open in early 2003.

The Commission at this time sponsors the Naugatuck Community Choir. This choir provides a place where the citizens of the town may actively participate in the arts. In its five-year existence membership has grown from 27 to more than 90 members. After an initial seed grant from the Commission, the choir has since taken on a life of its own. It raises its own funds, schedules its own events and has its own tax number.

The Commission at this time is also sponsoring the Naugatuck Community Band for the fourth year. Much like the choir we foresee this organization taking off and growing independently. We hope to service another group of 40 residents in giving them a place to enjoy and be a part of the arts.

On the docket for this year, we have poetry slams and a wide variety of visual art displays planned. Free puppet shows for families are planned for March and October. We also have a photo festival planned as well as an end of the summer block party in the works. The list keeps growing.

With a limited amount of funds we have sought out groups to promote concerts and other activities. St. Michael's Episcopol Church sponsors a Teen Theater. The Congregational Church of Naugatuck with a grant from the N.A.C. has started another concert series for the winter months. We are also quite proud to be the hometown of the Valley Chordsmen, a nationally recognized barbershop style vocal chorus. In the future we hope to build closer relations with the local library and their reader's theatre and other events.

    Who Serves on the N.A.C.?

The Mayor and Burgesses of the Town of Naugatuck select the Commission of 11 volunteers that are approved by them to serve two-year terms. Every member has a love and respect for the arts and each member gives up a great deal of time to help keep the arts alive here in town.

Charles Marenghi
Ty Smith
Ceasar Ruggeri
Lisa D'Andrea
Marge Paul Gaston
Frank Alcorace
Frank Hadyn
Andy Laskowski
Lisa Antrum
Bob Mezzo-Liason-Mayor's Office

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